On Sabbatical

Hello and thank you for looking at Highland Hedgies. At the moment, we are taking a brief pause with our breeding program. We will be starting back up and adding new lines sometime in 2023. Feel free to check back here on on my Facebook page for updates. Thank for your support as we hope to make some positive changes. 



My name is Lydia Baldridge and I am the owner of Highland Hedgies. I am a local breeder of African Pygmy hedgehogs based in Highlands Ranch, Colorado (near Denver). I only breed with pedigree hedgehogs and have a high standard for my animals. I have a passion for my hedgehogs and I love to share that joy with others. I'm always open to questions and help with deciding if a hedgehog is a good fit for your family.

I am pleased to anounced that I am now USDA and PACFA certified. 

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More Information

African Pygmy hedgehogs are an exotic animal that we are still learning more about. People often think of a pet as a cat or dog, but with exotic pets you have different needs. For example, hedgehogs do not require vaccines like other pets do. Click below to view more of our frequently asked questions and learn more about African Pygmy hedgehogs. 


My Herd


Otis is one of my male hedgehogs. He was First in Class at the Rocky Mountain Hedgehog Show in October 2018. 

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