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As a breeder, I love and care for each of my animals and want to ensure they go to good loving homes. To help do this, I do have certain policies that I maintain. You can read my full Contract here and my full Health Guarantee here


You must have everything needed for the correct care of your hedgehog to be ready, before your hedgehog comes home. This means you must have a cage, wheel, bedding, food, and heat source before you can take your hedgehog home. I ask for a picture of the setup before you come pick up your baby. 


All of my baby hedgehogs are $250-$300 each. If you want a baby, you need to put a deposit of $50 down to reserve that baby. If you decide that you want another baby that's available, I can easily transfer that $50 deposit and reserve the other baby instead (as long as it's still available).

Should you be unable to provide the final payment of $200 at time of pickup, you will not be allowed to bring baby home until the final payment is made. 


There will be times that I may have an adult that needs a home or that is retiring from breeding. These hedgehogs will be at a discounted price depending on age, temperament, etc. 

My prices are not negotiable. I dedicate a lot of time to my hedgehogs and ensure that I am breeding healthy, friendly hedgehogs. I also make sure my pedigrees are held to a high standard to ensure no inbreeding.

I will guarantee the health of any hedgehog I have bred for up to 1 year for any congenital defects. I do require proof from a certified veterinarian that the health problem is something that is affecting the hedgehog's life/well-being and is congenital. If any health issue was caused by lack of care by the owner, I will not be held responsible. I will not give any guarantees for cancer, as all creatures are susceptible to cancer. 

My health guarantee does not cover any hedgehogs that have NOT been bred by me. If I am rehoming an adult that needs a home, but was not bred by me, I will offer that hedgehog at a large discount, but no health guarantee. 

Hedgehogs are fun and cute, but I understand that circumstances can change. If you are unable to care for your hedgehog anymore or decide that it isn't working out for your hedgehog to stay in your home, please contact me. I am always willing to take my hedgehogs back and rehome them myself, so I know they are going to a knowledgeable home that understands hedgehog care. 

I also want my customers to understand that I won't just disappear after you take your hedgehog home. I am always available if a problem arises or to answer any questions as you begin your journey as a hedgehog owner. 

If you are a breeder, please contact me and we can discuss breeding rights. I only breed pedigree and will only give out breeding rights to those who also only breed pedigree. This is to help ensure health standards for all hedgehogs. 

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