Hedgehog Waitlist Policies

Before you fill out the information to join the Hedgehog waitlist for a baby, there are few things to remember.

1. You can join the waitlist at any time. At 2 weeks old, I will send out an e-mail to confirm who will be getting a hedgehog from the litter and will require a $50 deposit at this time. The deposit will go towards the total and $200 will be due upon pick of the baby.

2. Babies are $250 each. Babies born with a full dark mask from Kahlua will be $300 each. 

3. First come first serve. You can pick your baby in the order your name is on the waitlist. If you don't like the colors available at the time, you can choose to wait for a future litter. 

4. People on the waitlist may choose their baby at 4 weeks old, when I post up pictures of them. 

5. Babies will go home around 7-8 weeks depending on how well they are doing. Babies need to be close to 200 grams and eating and drinking on their own before they can go home. There are NO exceptions to babies going home earlier than this. 

Due to the volume of people on my waitlist, the waitlist is now closed. Please check back in the Fall/Winter as it will be open again then. Thank you!

Page Updated: 5/23/20

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